For economical & private service most vehicles are van. For Deluxe SUV service you will have a SUV "Suburban" type or similar.

It depends on the type of service you booked. If it is an economical service there is a wait of up to 30 minutes (First come First Serve). For a private van and Deluxe SUV service, there is a maximum 15 minute wait.

Most times it is possible, but you will need to contact our office at Cancun 24 hours before your service.

If you booked a Deluxe SUV, private van or Limo service you will not have to share it. 

If you booked a private van, Deluxe SUV or Limo service you will go directly to your hotel or destination point.

No, it will take you only to the bus station in Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

It is about $ 14.00USD round trip or $ 7.00USD one way.

It is about $ 16.00USD oneway & $32.00USD for the roundtrip.

At 11.30pm to Isla Mujeres and 10.00pm to Cozumel.

At 5.30am from Isla Mujeres and 6.00am from Cozumel.

No. Unless you have pre-set the service with our Customer Service Department.

Yes, our drivers are bilingual al professional.

Shared service only operates from 8am to 8pm. If you are outside the terminal after 20:00 will have to contact our representative and pay the difference for a private service.

Shared service only operates 8am to 8pm and pick up time will be at least 3 hours before, so you would have to pay the difference for the private service.

Yes, they will have a personalized welcome sign.

Yes, you will have travel insurance.

For the economical and shared service you will need to buy baby seats if required because it is not included. In private and Limo service you have 1 seat included (upon request), if you need more than 1 seat , you can purchase it by extra cost.

Yes, please contact our Customer Service Department and let them know what you need.

Yes, we have pet friendly transfers but please contact our Customer Service Department to arrange everything.

Yes, but only if you make your cancelation by phone o email 24 hours prior to your service.

With 12 to 24 hrs depending on where are you going to. Please contact our customer service department if you have more questions.

Yes, always tell us 3 hours before and it is subject to availability at the service type.

Yes, please bring it with you.

A representative from Cancun Shuttle will be out of your hotel (in the main lobby) at the time indicated on your boarding pass. This is the same boarding pass you signed on your arrival date.