Is this your first time in Mexico? Is it the first time you’re visiting Cancun? If this is a new place for you, then don’t worry, we’ll help you book your arrival and departure process from the Airport. Whatever it takes for you to fully enjoy entering and leaving this gorgeous paradise.

Arrival Instructions

Upon Arrival to Cancun Airport, you’ll have to go through immigration, this is will open the door for you to the Mexican Carribean. You’ll have to present your passport so keep that in mind and in your hand if possible.

As soon as you’re granted green light, you’ll be able to claim your luggage through customs so you can declare what you're bringing into the country.

Once you get to this part, you’ll have to push a traffic light-like button. If you get a green light move forward without luggage inspection. If you get a red light, then the customs agents will inspect your luggage.

Once you leave customs, right outside the terminal a Cancun Shuttle Travel agent will be waiting for you with a welcome smile, a custom made sign for you to easily identify with our logo and his name, so be aware and get ready to enjoy your stay in the Mexican Caribbean. This is only possible thanks to you booking prior to your flight.

In case of a canceled, delayed or early flight, there’s no need to notify us because thanks to the flight number you gave us, our team will be monitoring your arrival so don’t worry, we’ll be there before you get off the plane!


In case of a canceled or changed flight, it is very important that you notify us in with your new flight information so we can track the new flight.

Departure Instructions

According to the airports rules, passengers with national flights must arrive 2 hours prior to departure and international flights must arrive 3 hours prior to departure.

This is why Cancun Shuttle Travel will provide you with a boarding pass along with your departure pick up program according to the airports rules. We’ll make sure you arrive on time so you can register at your airline.

Our staff has the instructions to wait for you in your hotels lobby, same place where we dropped you off upon arrival. Time and date are on the boarding pass your driver gave you.